VR Medical Training

SimX is a VR (Virtual Reality) training environment in which trainees can perform realistic lifelike medical examinations and treatments.

The trainees can communicate with the virtual patient(s), listen with a stethoscope and measure blood pressure.

Trainees can select from more than 300 examinations or treatments. Patients will respond as if they were real human patients. Vital signs will change in response to elapsed time or executed interventions.

The state of the patient is visible through vital signs as well as visual parameters (e.g. skin color) and patient behavior like agitation or awareness.

Medic Tool

Plan your mission by registering your team and the drugs you carry.

Keep your references close, upload all your PDF's such as references, checklists and SOP's.

Declare an emergency with the distress message function or send an evacuation request.

Register your patient easy and effective.

Keep control on scene with the MASCAL dashboard.

Medic Tool can be tailor made to groups or units' specific needs in regards to language, regulations, tactics and hosting.

All data is stored on your device. No tracking/mining by our company or other apps.

Data can be shared through bluetooth, air drop, signal or email.

We recommend that you run your device connected to an encrypted radio for sharing your reports through data traffic.

Medical training.

Our mission is to provide the customer with the best medical training. We use SME (Subject Mater Experts) in each subject area.

With many years of experience in emergency medicine and a large network of contacts from services around the world, we can provide experts in most medical subjects


CoROM is an EU-registered, not-for-profit charity that focuses on the practice of healthcare in remote, austere and resource-poor environments. We provide membership, academic training and professional registration for the remote practitioner.

We focus on training medical professionals who can work in difficult environments and continue to provide evidence-based medicine in prolonged field care conditions.

The College is based in the European Union with operational locations in Asia, Africa and North America.