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Past and present projects

We are developing medical training for the future.

CCAT for the Norwegian Military (Present)

In 2012 I was responsible for developing and carrying out the first medical course for intensive care transport in the armed forces' air evacuation.

The personnel who completed and passed the course became the first Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT) members and were presented a wing as Medical Air Operator.

I have now been tasked with developing a new and upgraded CCATT course, to be delivered in spring 2023.

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Comunity Medical Service N-Follo Municipality (Present)

Working as a paramedic assisting the municipality ambulatory doctor in N- Follo. 

In charge of developing prossedures and SOP for the doctor assistants

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Nato Special Operation Combat Medic (NSOCM).

From 2015 to 2021 I was a medical instructor at the International Special Training Center (ISTC) in Germany.

I became the Assistant OIC in the team that developed the Nato SOCM as . We launched the Pilot course in 2016

In 2017 the course was approved for a Diploma in Special Operations Military medicine with 60 ECT

The NSOCM course is a 24-week course designed to generate qualified NATO Special Operations Combat Medics (NSOCM) with the knowledge and skills required to operate within a specific scope of practice to effectively treat life threatening injuries (or other medical issues) in a variety of operational environments.

NSOCM core-curriculum and training objectives are aligned with Committee of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) protocols, conducted in accordance with NSHQ directives, and composed of six (6) modules, a comprehensive field training exercise (FTX), and a two week clinical rotation.

Following successful completion of course curriculum, NSOCM graduates will be able to plan and conduct operations using the full range of medical resources, ranging from what can be carried on their person, to all available echelons of care.

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Norwegian Aeromedical Evacuation (NAD).

From the first deployment In 2008 until last deployment in 2012 i was in charge for recrutment, selection and training of the first Norwegian Forward Aeromedical Evacuation deployed in Afghanistan. 


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