Eirik Holmstrøm

Medical Consultant and Trainer

Austere prehospital medicine is our passion and we truly love what we do!

Wilderness Medicine, like Austere Medicine, is defined as the practice of medicine in a resource-constrained environment (Johns Hopkins Medicine). It refers to medicine practiced in remote areas, a long way from professional medical help.

Knowledge and expertise in remote medicine in resource-poor areas or on remote missions is a necessity for both civilian and military medics, nurses, vets, dentists and doctors

AEC - Austere Emergency Care

In collaboration with CoROM, the Maritime Rescue School and Specialized medical Standards, we support Europe's first Austere Emergency Course in US, Malta and Norway

Tropical Medicine, Ultrasound, Intencive care and more.

Our innovative educational programs provide doctors, nurses, remote medics, military medics and other allied health practitioners with the knowledge and skills to provide evidence based medicine in challenging resource poor environments

MedDog Medical consultant and E-learning courses

  • We tailor medical training and courses
  • We specialize in developing e-learning courses
  • We give demonstrations for Medical training with VR
  • We rent out advanced medigal equipment

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Last updated: 10 November 2023.

A Special Level of Medical Care

The use of digital technologies in training and real life, can help patients get care faster and more efficiently, however, they can also give support to emergency care units in handling scenarios more confidently and safer. With these tools being adopted on a wider scale, critical care patients can gain quicker assistance in a nature that wasn’t possible before. With these new advanced technologies, emergency services have the potential to become more patient-focused and efficient in the close future.

Medic Tool

Medic Tool is an intuitive solution for all medics to plan, document and communicate with the use of one application.

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VR Taining

Give your learners ultimate realism with the most advanced VR simulation engine in the world

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Training Consulting

Medical training tailored to meet your needs. We create training programs and source the best instructors in their fields

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.....the importance of increasing one's knowledge and implementing new medically scientifically proven treatment protocols is the alpha and omega of being a skilled medic.

....in addition, the training must be as realistic as possible and training should be carried out with equipment that is familiar and will be used by the students later. Medical procedures and protocols must be practiced regularly and often.